Saturday, 6 March 2010


so the project is done and dusted now and all handed in.
i personally am extremely happy with the work that we have produced as a group, i am also surprised at the work that i have done as it has shown that i can create work of a high standard.

i feel that i have played an integral part in the team from the ideas stages right through to the end result whether it be through producing my work on time or through supporting the group technically or artisticly. i was given the main job of modelling the mine which was a great challenge for me and gave a lot of time to work and expand on my skills. i then also proceeded to create the model of the mine shaft and door aswell, which provided further technical expansion.
at the uv and texturing stage of our project i took it upon myself to show my fellow group members my methods of uv and texturing this was to ensure that they understood the process and to also retain the continuity within the film.
our group showed a lot of passion through our decision in the last 4 or so weeks, before deadline, to come into college everyday and work later than timetabled to make sure we were meeting our own personal deadlines. this showed me that team havoc was committed and determined but also professional.
we met problems such as rendering with to the point decisions. rendering on maya software did not suit the render farm but mental ray did not suit our film so we decided with plenty of scheduled time to render locally on our own machines. this decision although taking longer gave us more control over what was happening and the guarantee of a known output.
the group itself is well balanced, although we each had our moments where we had had enouh of maya crashing. the group kept to deadlines due to bens initial schedule which was used as a very rough guideline but was surprisingly accurate.
the only thing i would have changed would be to enforce project setting and correct use of maya folders from the outset as i knew that this was an area that alex and chris had not payed much attention to before, but through our textures dissappearing and being reassigned to other peoples desktops i think we have all learnt the importance of a proffessional workflow.
i have thoroughly enjoyed this project and admire the professionalism of my fellow team mates and as such given the chance would happily accept to work with them again.


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