Friday, 19 February 2010

model progression

so here we have a breakdown of the model at key development stages. as the concepts of the actual mine facility were very limited in the sense of detail and perspective i was pretty much left with silhouettes to work with which gave me both a lot of freedom but also a lot of problems. the problem side came in the form of depth and body of the model as i was given free reign to flesh out and design the model. after the main body of the building was produced i then turned to chris' storyboards to discover which shots we would need and as such which parts of the model needed to be more dressed and heavily detailed. so it was the runway and main entrance which needed the main attention. so i went in and dressed the inner hallway with pipes barrels and metal plates which with added lighting creates a great scene. the pipes on the outside of the structure were problematic to texture and uv due to their curvy nature. all of the textures were customised in photoshop and added with bumps to create a realistic sense of depth. there are probably around 50 - 60 shaders with textures and bumps applied. i do realise now that we needed to leave more time and preparation for texturing as it is a much heavier task than i first anticipated. overall i am exceptionally pleased with the result that i have achieved and i am also pleased with my level of learning as this is a vast improvement on anything i have produced up until now.

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