Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ships, ship breakers, planes and a roller coaster

so the ships are great because they are commercial vehicles and as such have a purpose as far as they have a job to do, not only that the construction of the ships can seem very formulaic yet blocky almost like beinig put together by a child with lego/duplo.
the shipbreakers are in there because of the deconstruction, they have chewed away at the ships and have left amazing shells which do not represent ships anymore and can be a great starting point for some crazy buildings.

the plane with the opened nose cone is cool due to the interaction with the vehicle the way it opens up is reminiscent of a draw bridge, once again a cool idea for doors and entrances to our mine.

the roller coaster is in there because of the way that old mines have been reinterpreted in amusement parks. the mine carts instead of carrying resources now carry people on ridiculous twisting tracks. ideas a plenty with this one as we can include some interesting transport devices for both people and the resource.

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